Flexographic Printing House




Packaging designed for packaging dry loose food products such as flour, groat, rice, oatmeals, bread crumbs, sugar. These packages have all required approvals for direct contact with food products. 


Paper block bags are also often used in pharmacies for packaging medicines purchased there, in grocery stores for packaging sweets, cookies or even jelly bean, in off licence stores for packaging alcohol bottles.

Over print is made with two or four-colour flexographic technique. We ensure its highest quality by using water-based paints from best suppliers available in Poland which ensure best colour reproduction, wide range of colours and all necessary certificates required to allow direct contact with food. 

Our production is based on Check and Scandinavian bleached, one side smoothed, bleached krat papers which are characterised with great resistance for breaking, high level of whiteness and smoothness parameters and always consistent quality. The standard paper weight us 70 and 80 g/sqm. We also offer other weights and brown paper. 

Block packages come in four standard sizes:

• 100 mm format front x 70 mm side • 95 mm format front x 65 mm side

• format 90 mm front x 65 mm side. • format 80 mm front x 60 mm side

There is a possibility of making many additional sizes of block packages in the range:

• 80 mm to 190 mm front

• 60 mm to 140 mm side

Designed for EKO-PAK