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Our company was founded in 2001 and it our main focus is producing individual paper block bags with overprint for packaging  dry loose food products like flour, groats, rice, oatmeal, potato scratch, bread crumbs etc. 

In 2004 after purchasing new property with machine park our offer was extended by possibility to rewind paper roll and put one sided print on it in line.

Year 2009 brought more changes to our company as well as other investments. Customer requirements and growing demand for our products resulted in purchase of 6 colour flexography printer. 

Thanks to our investments and efforts put on constant development and increasing production capacity to deliver our customers with products of a highest quality and high production standards, so our projects are now even more precise and more professional. 

Currently we are cooperating with number of flour mills, groat mills, oatmeal mills and companies offering food packaging services. Our location location in central Poland offers great logistic possibilities and short lead time on deliveries. We have our own transport and offering forwarding services or order collection directly from our production plant.

Our company has implemented quality and production safety management systems:


        PN-EN ISO 9001:2000

Block Bags

Designed for packaging dry loose food products such as flour, groats, picem sugar, bread crumbs and more, also great for pharmacies and shops.

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